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Big Game Hunting

Big Game Hunting In MontanaMontana is famous for its hunting, and the Lost Horse Creek Lodge is ideally situated to take advantage of the great hunting resources surrounding it. In Montana visitors aren't required to have a guide or outfitter to hunt, just apply for your license or drawing before your hunting trip. By staying at the Lost Horse you have access to many day-hunting trips in the surrounding area to take advantage of which locale is giving the best hunting and to stay out of the bad weather. All with a welcoming warm fire and good meal waiting for your return.

Hunting Paradise

The west side of the Lost Horse river is home to many Mule Deer. Opening up on the other side is WhiteTail Deer and excellent Elk hunting in the Little Bitterroots. From Missoula Pass to Lost Horse Pass are 46 drainages all going into the wilderness for excellent hunting. Drawings for hunting tags of Black Bear, Mountain Lion, Bighorn Sheep and Moutain Goats are also available.

Idaho Hunters

Hunting season opens up early in Idaho and most of the Elk are in the Selway wilderness across the boarder. Much of the Elk don't venture into the Montana side until later in the season. If you have an Idaho hunting license you can stay at the Lost Horse and travel up the road into the Sellway, giving you quicker access to the deep recesses of the Idaho side of the Selway that fellow Idahoan hunters can't get to.

Local Huntintg Support

In nearby Darby, butchering resources are available. Local shops will hang your kill as long as you want, skin it, butcher it, feeze and mark it, even ship it back home if you want. Local taxidermists are also available to preserve your trophy for a trip back home.

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