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A GPS is all you need

With the explosion of personal GPS devices, geocaching is a growing activity that's fun for the entire family. Coordinates to scenic areas that you might not even know exist around you are stored in a world-wide database, ready for you to download to your GPS and start exploring. As with any activity there are rules and guidelines, please visit to read up on how easy it is to become a participant in this addictive and healthy pastime.

Hidden Treasurelost horse snowmobiling tours

Part of the fun of geocaching is exploring new places and seeing scenic areas with your GPS as a guide to make sure you don't get lost. But for kids, and even adults, finding the hidden "cache" at the end of the trip is an added bonus. Cache's are often camouflaged waterproof containers, or surplus military ammo cans with small toys, souvenirs, and other tradable items that can be swapped for items you bring along with you to contribute to the cache. Sometimes the cache hider can be even more creative as in this treasure-chest cache (photo). You don't need to bring anything to the cache and can just sign your name in the log and mark your visit on the Internet, but if you do take an item, please be sure and leave something behind and re-hide the cache for the next adventurer.

Geocache Montana

If you're new to Montana (or any other area for that matter), Geocaching can take you to scenic areas that locals have already discovered for you. By visiting you can search out caches in the area and pick out destinations that appeal to you and your family. The Lost Horse Observation Point (photo) has a geocache located near it, just waiting for you to discover. Many more are hidden around the Lost Horse Creek and Hamilton, Montana area. Click here to start your search.

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